Our vision


The focus of our profession is to increase and restore patients health. This process starts by providing as much data as possible for a high definition diagnosis using multiple methods. Identififying the main reason of the sympthomes but also the related underlying and sometimes hidden causes of the disorder. This data provide also inside on the degree of progress.

Based on the data a treatment plan is made that enables us to follow you personally step by step in the proces of engaging with a healther life. This plan contains details what specialists are needed and more importantly what treatment methods are used.

In our practices we provide a wide ‘treamtent porfolio’.


What is an interdiciplinary approach?


Type of complains we adress

Visit our practice for various health problems, examples include:

gastrointestinal symptoms,
allergies and intolerances
chronic or recurring infections
heart and vascular disease
skin problems

pain (headache, backache, joint pain, etc.)
joint problems
benign or malignant tumors
stress-related symptoms (muscle tension, burnout)
gynecological complaints
sleep disorders
smoking addiction, food addiction, drug addiction
psychological problems such as depression and anxiety,