About Dr. Janpaul Mossink

Janpaul is Mossink is a Medical Doctor specialised in clinical nutritional therapy, acupuncture and auriculomedicine.

Dr. J.P. Mossink

With over 25 years of experience in his professional activity in his medical center in the Netherlands, where he was born and has conducted his studies, he had the opportunity to follow many patients with chronic and serious health problems, such as diseases of the immune system. He developed the PERLA-treatments method using the VAS pulse diagnosis technique to test allergies and intolerances, followed by acupuncture in order to specifically treat them. In addition to his work as a medical practitioner, for many years as a teacher he organises courses for fellow physician-acupuncturists with a focus on allergies, chronic and recurring infections as well as digestive problems.

Janpaul Mossink is registered at the Order of Physicians and Dentists of Arezzo OMCEOAR.