Visitors to Italy

Doctor’s appointment for visitors to Tuscany

At the heart of Italy the province and city of Arezzo attracts each year visitors from all over the world. They discover her history, entertainment, art, craftmanship, local food and her sheer beauty of the landscape.

Starting one of our therapies in toscany would provide an opportunity to give full focus to your health and well-being. With our special plans we are able to provide the needed information in order for you take our therapies.

Some visitors may become unwell due to an accident or an “sleeping” complaint that re-emerges. For these and many other malities we are able to prompt respond to your needs anywhere in Tuscany.

In addition to a hotel-room-visit our practice provides all equipment needed. From your or your hotel concierge’s request.

Serious illnesses

With our wide international and local connection it is possible for us to admission patients to (local) specialist and (local) hospitals whenever that is needed.

Further information

Please contact us to make an appointment or alternativly call us:

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