Why choose us

Personal approach

We believe that every individual is different and should be treated accordingly. Only when adjusted to the specific patient, the treatment can be successful.

Getting to know a patient enables us to understand worries and concerns and to address them at the earliest moment appropriately. Trust is key to success in our treatments.

We offer a personal plan focussing on long-term health by tackling the core of the problem. This will be done by an interdisciplinary combination of the widely known regular healthcare such as adjusting nutrition and by use of the self-developed Perla-treatment.

Complete healthcare

You will be closely monitored by our professionals once you visit us till the moment you leave the practice. A personal booklet will be given to you such that you can follow your own progress, read what has been done and what is still to come.



Our expertise and treatments are amongst very few in the world. For example: Perla Treatment

Long term well-being

We want to support you all the way and we can provide advise how to stay in the best possible shape for work and family life.